Our Services

Full and partial loads

The Cecconi Spa is particularly specialized in the transportation of packages and clothing.
The semi-trailers and containers specifically adapted, allow the transport of hanging garments while maintaining perfect condition and quality. For full loads can be made available empty semi trailers to facilitate the organization of loading.
The Cecconi Spa is able to offer solutions equally qualified also for small consignments. The service is always "Door to Door".

By air and sea

In connection with larger airlines and shipping companies, included in the organization IATA has secured the widespread presence throughout the world.
Complete and groupage with the best companies.

Storage of goods

The structures that CECCONI SPA created in the various countries in which it operates have large warehouses for the collection and sorting of goods. The goods can stop for the time required by the customer with security and integrity until the time of transport.


Refrigerator truck

The series of trailers refrigerator enriches the fleet of CECCONI SPA. High insulation values​​, strength and durability are some of the features of these vans refrigerator made ​​entirely of plastic absolutely free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).
This configuration has the certificate ATP-FRC.


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